C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Hosted by Chris Golden & Anna Forsyth, the C4 podcast covers everything any Canucks fan needs to know about the team.

Recorded weekly during the season (and every second week outside of it), topics range from the week that was and what to expect next, to half-full and half-empty where optimism may or may not be present.

And joining the pair to provide a little chutzpah are regular guests – whether it be Scott Rintoul or the late Jason Botchford, from Bruce Dowbiggin to Kelcey Brade, and Thomas Drance to Patrick Johnston, only the toughest questions get asked and answered on C4.

Always up to date with latest Canucks news and taking a peak behind one of the most interesting cities on west coast of North America. The C4 crew bring an entertaining show that makes it a must listen in your podcast rotation!

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The first Canucks podcast I ever listened to and I haven’t found a reason to check out any other ones. Chris and Anna always do a great job.

Rich Ferguson – Podchaser
C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast